Just a “training” blog…my real blog will be about all things related to sewing.

From reading other sewing blogs I determined that I needed to create a sewing blog. Even as an experienced seamstress and quilter, I sometimes need to look for information. Maybe I have a mysterious  pressure foot, or can’t remember how to insert an invisible zipper, or need to repair an antique machine, or even a new machine. Well, my blog is going to cover all of that and much more. It is my goal to be of great assistance to sewists of any skill level across multiple facets of sewing.

I began sewing when I was four years old. My mother sewed and I wanted to be like her. My first machine used glue…but, it came with Barbie Doll patterns. So, at the ripe old age of four, I was cutting out patterns, “sewing” them, turning them right side out and dressing my Barbies. My mother had told me that if I did well with the “glue” machine, that she’d buy a real Singer. Back then, in the early 70’s, the little Singer’s were good machines. I used that little Singer for several years.  My mother developed breast cancer when I was eight years old, and I knew that my time with her was limited. She bought a $600 Kenmore (that was an expensive machine in 1974), and I asked her to show me how to thread it, and that was all I asked. My mom didn’t have a lot of patience for me, for I was the youngest of four children, and she was sick, but I never allowed that to affect me or my feelings of great love for my mother, for I understood. I lost my mom when I was 11. After a long period of grieving and confusion, I opened the manual to her machine and learned how to use all the feet and cams. I used that machine for 25 years. Now, I own 20 machines. While I have owned new machines, I am not fond of them at all. The antiques are much more powerful and durable. The only new machines I will use are serger, cover stitch, and embroidery.

While this is a just a self training blog, I figured I’d at least introduce myself. Thanks for reading and feedback is always welcome.

Your’s Sincerely,



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